Power Up! online

Welcome to Power Up! online. This course is a series of week by week projects to help you think about the world from a different perspective. This course is aimed at young people aged 11-16, who want to increase their confidence and knowledge about the world around them.

These projects are deigned to be completed week by week, with a short daily task. It would be useful to keep notes either in a journal, on a phone or using an online app* .

There are extra resources at the end to help deepen your knowledge about a subject. There are Heroes of The Week; inspirational guides to introduce a topic and you’re encouraged to be creative to help inspire others taking the same journey.

You’ll be asked to do some research and answer some questions to help your understanding of the topic.

You will also be asked to reflect on what you’ve learned in this quick feedback sheet. You can use this sheet or copy the questions into your notebook or online journal, and keep track of where you’re at there. Make bullet points, a paragraph or draw what you would like to remember.

* Penzu, Grid Diary and Journey are all free to use journalling apps that could help you keep track of your learning through this project. They are all simple to use and include password protection to keep your learning safe.