Power Up! In Parkside School 

Our first programme has run and completed in Parkside School and we’re really proud of all the students and their achievements over the past 6 weeks including their decision to create an Instagram account to document the sessions. Follow them @gpowerup  

During the programme an issue in the school came up around use of the toilets. The group were really passionate about how this was being dealt with and wanted to put their point of view across. Using learning from the conflict session they scheduled a meeting with Mr Tague from the senior leadership team, and asked questions around reasoning of the school’s decision and had an open discussion about how this could have been better delivered from the student’s perspective. The students came away from the meeting feeling respected and listened to. This was a useful lesson in how to effectively use your voice to make a change. 

Springtime Exhibition  

Our Leadership Squad have been working hard on Thursday afternoons, creating work for an exhibition which is now up in Keighley Creative Space (KCS). Thinking about Spring as a theme they made tie dyed panels using turmeric, and printed the fabric with printing blocks they designed and made themselves at Small World. Working with Jane Sedgewick from KCS they made springtime wreaths to dress the space, sculpting willow and making paper flowers.  

The exhibition is up now in the windows of KCS on Hanover Street in Keighley. 

CSE film 

We have been working with United Keighley to create a film led by young people to inform their peers about CSE and grooming. The film is being edited by local film maker Scott Coulthard. Meeting on Wednesday afternoons at Keighley College we are making a stop frame animation, which will be narrated and translated by the young people involved. This will be launched at the CSE conference on the 15th March. If you would like to be involved there is still time, email joh @ cabad.org.uk for more details.