Keighley CSE Awareness Week 18-23 March

CSE Awareness week, coordinated by United Keighley, seeks to highlight the people affected by CSE and grooming and the long term impact this has.

We have seen recent high profile cases across the UK of people being sentenced to long prison terms for abuses committed. Large organisations are taking strong stances in recognising that there is a responsibility to survivors of abuse and holding accountable those people who failed in their duty to protect the public from abusers. Manchester City have set up a compensation fund to for people assaulted by Barry Bennell, a coach for the club 1979-1991. In March two police officers were convicted of gross misconduct after they sabotaged evidence in grooming cases. These actions show that the issue of grooming is being dealt with a more integrated approach.

The awareness raising week in Keighley included a conference with over 100 attendees from schools and safeguarding organisations across the region. Cllr Sara Rowbotham, whistleblower in the Rochdale grooming case, was keynote speaker and spoke of her experiences working with the young women involved and the battle to bring their stories to light.  

There were 2 successful screenings of Somebody’s Sister, Somebody’s Daughter, reaching over 60 people around Keighley at KAWACC and Ingrow Primary school. The film is an adaptation of GW Theatre’s performance exploring street grooming, the people involved and the complex relationships between them.

We also launched our CSE myth busting film, made by young people in Keighley, filmed and edited by Scott Coulthard. The 3 minute animation looks at how young people are lured into being groomed and some of the reasons they find it difficult to leave their abuser. View it here