On Thursday 20 February the girls from Leadership Squad were given the opportunity to visit Manchester. These are the things we have done.

We met up at Keighley train station and we got the train to Leeds then Victoria.

At Victoria looked at the Manchester Bees and S.M.A.R.T who celebrate the lives of people who died in the Manchester bomb in 2017.

We went to the People’s History Museum where we dressed up as working class Victorians, to help us think about what life would have been like back then. We hulahooped and talked about the refugee exhibition, which we were all really affected by. We felt sorry and sad for the people who are suffering in places like Yarlswood Detention Centre. We found it hard to understand why people who need help are treated like criminals. This has made us commit to writing postcards to refugees.

At the People’s History Museum we had lunch… the best bit was definitely the brownies! We also used the time to write a funding bid to The Leap to run creative question sessions in Keighley. It was useful to have hula hooped to help us think about how to run these sessions in a fun way.

We went to the Manchester Art Gallery and watched a video of performers from The Family Gorgeous doing a drag show in the gallery. This was a bit weird, but we liked it. It made us think a lot about gender, if your gender is about your body or how you choose to show your outside self to the world. We really enjoyed the design gallery and the weird floating man at the top of the stairs!

We had a spectacular time, next time we want to go back and dance around outside the BBC to say hi!

Definitely the strangest bit of the day was the crazy mannequin with the head flower.. I mean what on earth?!!!