On 13 February we gathered together young women from UAK, Parkside and Beckfoot Oakbank who had been involved in the Power Up! Programme and celebrated the work they’d achieved over the past year. We met early at Airtime trampoline park in Halifax and set to work getting to know each other with a getting to know you bingo icebreaker. Top marks to Beckfoot Oakbank for winning and getting a full house!

Splitting into our schools everybody travelled around to different practitioners. First up was Kirsty from Step 2 and her mythbusting session on puberty. Within minutes we’d all swapped stories about changes in our bodies, where hair grows, hips and boobs, and our periods. All the students could talk about places in school where people who need pads and tampons can get them for free, with the new funding to reach period equality across the UK

Next up we were lucky to have poet Nasima Begum kindly in partnership with Bradford Literature Festival running a session on poetry and our identity. We thought about our backgrounds and how we want the word to see us, how we’re in control of our own story.

Lucy and Shazia ran a session on drama games and confidence boosting. Watching the students working together to solve the puzzles set by Shazia and Lucy was brilliant. Lots of shouting and laughing came from across the hall and we played the most intense game of floor is lava!

Reporter and activist Julie Longden from BCB came and led a session with a group to create a radio show from scratch. She taught how to use the microphones, take interviews and choose music to complement the show.

After all that we were ready for lunch! Lots of pizza and chips built us up for an hour of bouncing on the games and trampolines. Sophie was challenged to beat a high score… not achieved!

A massive thanks to Airtime and all your staff for being so helpful and welcoming. To Nasima and Pakeezah for a great session on exploring poetry. Kirsty for the educational models! Julie for bringing a show together Lucy and Shazia for the brilliant games and smiles! And all the students and teachers in our partner schools for your hard work over the past year.