Leadership Squad have been off school officially since Friday and I’ve been working from home since Tuesday to avoid public transport. Now the lockdown is officially in place, to keep contact with each other, we’re all chatting online and sharing daily challenges.

Thursday’s challenge; draw your pet or your sibling in 5 minutes, but use your non dominant hand (left if you’re right handed, right if you’re a lefty)

Friday’s challenge was to photograph your name a letter at a time and post them up in order.

Saturday we had to go out and record what we saw through photography, drawing, list making… however we wanted to record our walk

Sunday; we sent songs to each other describing our corona experience so far. Listen to our youtube playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnHDpKCl5ZbIDDMct-rpv6tcwUnuN9iKy Most of the songs are the lyric videos so you can share in our karaoke party!

Monday’s challenge was to send a list of 5 things we’re grateful for:

  • food, beds, charity, music and funny videos
  • Sims 4, sleep, music family and friends (update: food, religion and pets!)
  • I live in a safe house, I can afford WiFi to keep in contact with you all, my friends for keeping me sane, enough food to eat and the kittens for lots of hugs!

Tuesday’s challenge is to make a paper aeroplane and fly it the furthest.. Here’s a video of the winning plane