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We’re processing what is happening amongst the Black Lives Matter movement, and how we can positively add to this with education and uplifting voices. For now this post is devoted to pulling together resources and sharing them as widely as possible.

We recognise that Black People and People of Colour have worked tirelessly in educating about their lived experience. We respectfully ask that when you use these resources you follow up with your own research rather than contacting the authors directly (unless they have specified they are happy to be contacted).

At ICLS we are available to discuss your questions and learn together. Please email sophie@iclseducation.org or use the form at the bottom of this post.

Ways to Disrupt Racism

Link to Racial Justice Network’s video about Ways to Disrupt Racism.
CW: contains distressing images related to racism.


The Good Ancestor – Layla F Saad
About Race – Reni Eddo Lodge
Hope Not Hate
Speaking Of Racism
Unlearning Racism – Racial Justice Network
Unlearning Everyday Racism – Online community specifically for white people to examine structural racism
Ooh She’s Speaking – Opens in Stitcher player

You Tube Channel

Here is a compilation of relevant TED talks so all under 20 minutes.
And a playlist of resources from talks, allyship videos and lectures, all between 5 and 40 mins long. These playlists will be added to over time so feel free to favourite them and keep coming back.


Our Instagram feed has links to resources, actions you can take and accounts which will help your learning and understanding. There is a BLM resource highlight which has links to relevant posts and videos.


Protests and vigils for the Black Lives Matter movement are going on around the world. With worries about Covid it’s not always possible to join in though. Download, print and use this colouring sheet to think about what you’d say if you were on a march or vigil. Post this on your social media to join in with the online protests.

Other resources

Here are a list of links to other resources, webpages and articles which are useful. If you use or share these please credit the author.
White Allies Do’s and Don’ts – Salon Article with helpful links from Melanie Macfarland
White Allyship 101 – Definitions, links and resources from Dismantle Collective