On 9 June, Keighley Youth Service hosted a Black Lives Matter online protest to mark the events that are happening around the world. This was called by the young people of Keighley, as they wanted to mark in their own way, the Black Lives Matter movement.

We’re really proud of everyone who took part and showed their support. One of our Leadership Squad wrote this poem to express their thoughts and feelings around the Black Lives Matter movement


Imagine a world where we are all as one
A world with equality,
A world without prejudice, greed or pain
A world where you didn’t worry about the clothes you wear,
or the colour of your skin
Or whether today will be your last

This is the world we idolise,
But in this society,
people are misjudged.
Critically shamed, bullied, teased for who they are.
Abused verbally, physically and killed because they are a different colour?
Accused of crime.
Accused of starting war, disrupting the peace of the world. 

If I could change the way they see it,
The way they are treat.
The way innocent lives are taken
just maybe,
I won’t have to imagine anymore.

by Tia , aged 15