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  1. Sew Keighley Pride closing event

    To celebrate the Sew Keighley Pride project we had a closing event which bought together fascinating speakers and discussions. We spoke to Valentino Vecchietti the…

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  2. Sew Keighley Pride community flag and tour

    Sew Keighley Pride is a collaboration between ICLS, Keighley Pride, Bradford District Council and you! A textile flag created from hundreds of handmade patches celebrating…

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  3. Sew Keighley Pride Zine

    We’ve published our zine and it’s available to view on Issuu now. If you’d like a risographed copy posting out to you please email sophie…

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  4. Real Life Workshops!

    We’re really excited to announce that we have real life workshops happening at Keighley Creative! We’d love you to join us on 17, 19 or…

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  5. Photo Patches

  6. Photo Patches

    We’ve had some brilliant submissions for photo patches celebrating all aspects of LGBTQ+ culture and we’d love to include yours. People have sent us organisations,…

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  7. Time to Shine Circus Sessions

    We’re having a lot of fun in our circus sessions with Harry from Cecil Green Arts. So far we’ve learned to juggle, ride tiny bikes,…

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  8. Memorial for Women 27 March

    We held a memorial for all women who have lost their lives over the past 12 months due to gendered violence, at Cliffe Castle. The…

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  9. Template letter to send to your MP

    The following is a template letter to send to your MP. To find out who your MP is follow this link. This letter was composed…

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