Sew Keighley Pride community flag and tour

Image ©Maria Spadafora

Sew Keighley Pride is a collaboration between ICLS, Keighley Pride, Bradford District Council and you! A textile flag created from hundreds of handmade patches celebrating people’s LGBTIQA+ inspirations. From local figures, organisations, friends, family, and peoples’ personal journeys.

The past 10 years have seen an explosion in discussions around sexuality, gender and identity. The shadow of Section 28 is easing (government legislation that banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools), open conversations are supported in our schools with the new RSE curriculum, new Prides are flourishing and rainbow flags are a common sight. This is an historic moment to mark the UK’s relationship with LGBTIQA+ politics.

Using Daniel Quasar’s Progress design, the finished flag you see here has been lovingly compiled by international textile artist Morwenna Catt. From hand stitched patches sent out in our lockdown patch kits, fabric people made in workshops to photographs and artwork, We’re proud to represent a broad spectrum of the community and present the inspirations that have been generously shared.

The flag is beautiful and holds such a wealth of stories. The overwhelming message of the flag is love: that love, kindness, respect and acceptance are qualities that every person deserves unconditionally. We recognise it’s a ongoing journey to collectively achieve this and we hope that the flag will play a part in allowing these qualities to flourish and thrive. Its an honour to watch it’s journey unfurl.

We want to say a big thank you to everybody who has contributed patches, stories, conversations, sewing, time and energy to make Sew Keighley Pride such a massive success.