Sew Keighley Pride closing event

To celebrate the Sew Keighley Pride project we had a closing event which bought together fascinating speakers and discussions. We spoke to Valentino Vecchietti the designer of the new Intersex Inclusion Pride flag, Anas Data from Project Besharam gave a presentation on The Journey of Shame and took part in a discussion with Munaza Kulsoom from Bradical Press, and a presentation from SHADE- Bradford’s QITPOC youth group.

***Please note*** Anas from Project Besharam has currently taken a break from social media to focus on his own well-being. Anas recomends Aaran Sian for good advice and particularly directs viewers towards the LGBTQ+ Ally posts which were published in the Sew Keighley Pride Zine… If you’re looking for extra support directed specifically towards QTBIPOC there are good resources here:

CW: Please note Project Besharam video includes 1 reference to a homophobic slur