Sew Keighley Pride FAQ’s

I want to get involved, how can I best do this?
We’re looking for volunteers to be ambassadors for Sew Keighley Pride in lots of different roles including social media, support in workshops and making patches. Everyone is welcome to volunteer regardless of ages, gender, sexuality or ability. Email to find our more. We can offer training, expenses (for live meet ups when they can happen!) and Citizen Coins.

What colour patch can I make?
We’d like patches in any of the colours of the Progress Pride flag. These are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, Pale Blue, Pale Pink and White. We’re making Green patches in a different way using a person shape. If you’d like to be involved in this stripe please contact us and we’ll send you the template.

Who can I celebrate in my patch?
We want the flag to represent the whole of Keighley’s LGBTQ+ community. Who has inspired you? Or helped you discover who you are? Who do you admire? Is this a person, an organisation, a group, yourself? We are particiularly asking for representation from the BAME community in Keighley. Please be aware that this will be a public flag, if you’re not sure if you can include a person’s name or anything that might identify them please ask them first.

Do I have to put a name on my patch?
We understand that there can be issues around confidentiality and sexuality. We want to reassure people that anything shared with us in confidence will stay anonymous.

How big are the patches?
The Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue and Purple patches are 12.5cm/ 5inches x 10cm/4inches with a 2cm/1inch seam allowance (extra fabric around the outside).
The Black, Brown, White, Pale Pink and Pale Blue patches are 15cm/6inch x 15cm/6inch with a 2cm/1inch seam allowance. We’ve made templates for you to follow here:

I’m not very good at sewing can I still be involved?
Definitley! We have a weekly online sewing group on Tuesday 7-8pm, where you can come and ask for help. We can offer practical advice with putting your patch together and support with design.

How can I make my patch?
You can embroider, appliqué (sew fabrics together), hand sew or use a machine, embelish with beads and buttons, draw or print with fabric pens and paints… or a mix of all of these. Be as creative as you like!

I can’t do any sewing, I’ve got a great story though. How can I make sure this goes on the flag?
Please contact us! We can design a patch together to represent your story, to be made by one of our volunteers.

I’ve heard you can put digital images into the flag…
If you have a digital photograph you can email to us, we can print this onto fabric and make it into a patch too. The photograph needs to be taken by you and any people in the image have given permission for it’s use.
Please email for details

Can I donate fabric?
Yes! We are looking for clean, non stretchy fabric (think school shirts/ tea towels) in a range of colours, in pieces 20 x 20cm or bigger. These can be patterned or plain as long as they have a ‘main’ colour. See our examples below:

If you have any questions we’ve not covered please email and we’ll aim to answer as best we can!